Association „House of the Sun under the Falcon“

The place Starzawa is known for its carp breeding, the family connections of some of our members, its interesting location in Eastern Poland, the specificity of its border area and its attractions, as well as its challenges, opportunities and problems. Taken together, this has prompted people from different parts of Poland to establish the association, „House of the Sun under the Falcon“.

The Polish region Subcarpathia (Podkarpacie), where Starzawa is located is one of the poorest and least developed areas in Poland. At the same time, it has an exceptional cultural heritage and is in a nearly pristine natural state. The border area, with its influences of different cultures, offers an opportunity to properly assess and evaluate this international cultural richness. Following the time of the K.K. monarchy, where intensive contacts between Krakow, Lviv and Vienna were cultivated, the idea of close cooperation between the original inhabitants of Galicia in the framework of the Carpathian Euroregion, is something we want continue today. In this context, it is obvious that the relations with Ukraine play a particularly important role. This is the reason we have a falcon in the name and the logo of the Association, which is a symbol of the Eastern Borderlands (Kresy in Polish).

The House of the Sun is an allusion to the paintings of the Swedish painter, Carl Larsson. His album (picture book), published in 1909 in Germany under the title “Das Haus in der Sonne”(“The House in the Sun”), made him famous in Sweden and abroad. His work in Poland was made public by the important photographer and art critic, Jan Malisz. Carl Larsson, because of his home, Lilla Hyttnäs, in idyllic Sundborn, Sweden, is also looked upon as the forerunner of the Scandinavian influence on design in the world that continues, but today he is hardly known in Poland. However, it is no coincidence that the registered office of the Association is in fact in Starzawa. Its local nature and landscape as well as the house at the pond recall Sundborn — the well-visited family estate of Carl Larsson.

We would like to highlight and take advantage of these favourable local conditions to present both the creations of Carl Larsson and the Scandinavian culture. At the same time we would like to attract the interest of the Scandinavians to Galicia. We plan to make a contact axis: Scandanavia – Carpathia via Galicia. Furthermore, we would like to add to the abbreviation of the historical term K.K, meaning„Kaiser and König“ (Emperor and King), a new meaning: „Kulturkulissen“ (cultural sceneries). We want create a place for these felicitous encounters, that would be determined by two axes: a geographical North – South and a time axis in the sense of the double meaning of K.K.